Our Mission


LifeLinker’s mission is to bring order to the chaotic oversharing in our lives in general, to bridge the gap between ‘too much’ and ‘too little’.

As part of managing the information flow about every part of our lives, we bravely address a topic that has been dysfunctionally taboo in society – we help everyone affected by someone’s death to better participate in the event – including the dead person, too.

We allow the dead person to truly have the last word, while helping friends and family to be aware of and to participate in commemorating the dead person’s passing.  What more personal and appropriate way than for the dead person to say his own farewells, in his own words?

LifeLinker will spare immediate family members from the concerns and social minefields of ‘who do we tell and how do we contact them’, will ensure everyone is told in exactly the manner the deceased wished, and means none of us find out too late to meaningfully participate in funerals and the shared grieving process.  And in today’s global village, a LifeLinker ‘e-Wake’ allows people to be included, no matter where in the world they are.

LifeLinker’s vision is to bring order to current social chaos, and to harness the potential of internet connectivity to bring form and comfort to something few of us are ever cursed to become experienced or adept at.

A distant vision?  With your participation, it is becoming a reality.