We want you to get the best possible use from your LifeLinker Membership, and are happy to do all we can to answer questions and help you create your network and get the most value.

We provide several different ways that you can get help if you are stuck.  An obvious way to get a question answered is simply to email us your question.

Another hopefully somewhat obvious way to get a question answered is to make use of our online chat feature.

We also have a User Forum where you can see if your question has been asked and answered before, and if not, you can ask your question there.  The benefit of the User Forum is that when you ask a question, the answer will be available to other users in the future, too.

We are growing a Help and FAQ section, and also have (i) type icons alongside most parts of most pages on the site.  Clicking on these gives you quick explanations of what everything does.

Lastly, there’s the good ‘old fashioned’ telephone.  If none of these other options are suitable, you can always pick up the phone and call us.  Note that while all the other support methods are free, we charge a modest fee for phone support.

For more information about our support options, please click to visit


–  Email Support

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–  Phone Support

And for more help and support resources, please click to visit

–  Help Pages

–  FAQ

–  Member Forums

–  Wizards

–  Agent Duties and Features

–  Writing an Obituary