Agents – Duties and Features


As an Agent, you are able to (and asked to) change the status of the member you are an Agent for if/when they eventually pass.  If another Agent does this before you, you can confirm or correct the advice from the other Agent.

Working together with the deceased’s family, you then can send out notices to the deceased’s contacts advising about funeral arrangements so they have the option to attend, or to send condolence cards, flowers, etc, as they may wish.

You will also be asked to moderate the deceased’s virtual wake page, ensuring that the comments and memories recorded there are fair and appropriate.

This guide explains how you can do all these things.  If at any time you have any questions, our friendly and helpful support team is standing by to help you – you’re always welcome to ask for assistance.

Here’s a checklist of things to do.

  • As macabre as it seems, please be absolutely certain the person has truly died before triggering the process to advise the person’s contacts of their passing. You don’t have to insist on sighting a death certificate or viewing the corpse, but make sure there’s absolutely no doubt that the person has indeed died.
  • When you are certain about this, from your dashboard, simply click on the name of the deceased person and then from viewing their profile, you can click on the left hand option to set the person’s status to deceased.


If you make a mistake and accidentally change the status for the wrong member, or if you change the status when just looking to see how it works, you can change the status back again.

After changing the member’s status, you’ll then be asked to provide information about the time and nature of their passing.  Answer these as best you can, please, but if there are details you don’t know, your fellow Agents might be able to add them subsequently (or you could, yourself), so don’t worry about this excessively.


  • After you’ve changed the status, the system sends out messages to all the person’s Agents, and to the person too, advising that you have changed their status.  You, other Agents, and the person directly, have a short time (it defaults to eight hours but the person may have set it to shorter or longer) to cancel your status change in case of any errors.

After this ‘safety’ time has elapsed, and if no-one has corrected a mistaken change in status, the system will proceed to send out all the messages the person has previously written, to all that person’s Contacts and Followers.

  • As soon as you know the details, please send out a message to all the deceased member’s Contacts with information about the funeral service.  There is a special option for this that allows you to simply fill in the details and then the system sends out notes to all the deceased’s Contacts.  You can message the former member’s agents to discuss things or send advice notices to all the former member’s contacts by clicking on the appropriate option at the top of their profile page.


  • You are welcome to send out any other updates to the deceased member’s Contacts and Followers too, of course.  Sometimes it is appropriate to send out a note about the circumstances and manner of the deceased’s passing – for example ‘died tragically in an auto accident on the way home from work’ or ‘after a long struggle with cancer, he died peacefully at home with his family by his side’ or whatever else you might wish to pass on.  If you are not an immediate family member, you should check with them to see what information they wish to share.  Maybe after the funeral service you might send out a picture or two.
  • All Agents are asked to ‘moderate’ (ie decide if each comment should be made public or not) the comments on the deceased’s ‘virtual wake’ page.  This is where people can share experiences to do with having known and been associated with the deceased, along with photos and anything else that seems appropriate.   All such entries need to be approved by an Agent before they are made public, you’ll get email notifications about each such entry.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us for advice.  That’s what we’re here for!