Help Pages


Our help pages are under development at present, and possibly may end up as never being necessary as a separate standalone part of the site.  We’ll see.

The key two help functions that are presently working are the Tooltips and the (i) icons, plus the FAQ and the Member Forums.

For many of the words on the LifeLinker pages, if you hover your mouse’s cursor over the text, a ‘tool-tip’ will open up with a short one line description of what it means, or what happens if you click.

More helpful are the pop-up mini-help windows that happen when you click on an (i) icon.  Here’s an example showing two of the (i) icons (we highlighted them in the screen shot) and the window that popped up when you click on one of them.



In addition, there are some specific pages of information to help you with particular features.  Some of these are suggested at the bottom of every page


Others are listed here :

Creating contacts

Sorting your contacts into lists

Sending letters to your contacts

Agent duties and features

Please let us know if you’d like us to add additional help pages on other topics.  We’re keen to ensure LifeLinker is as easy and useful for you as possible.