Phone Support


You have a range of different support options.  Most things on most pages have little (i) icons alongside them and/or tool tips.  If you hover your mouse cursor over an item, a ‘tool tip’ might appear briefly telling you something about the item, and if you click any of the (i) icons, a little popup appears telling you more about the item.

We also have an FAQ section which hopefully has many of your general questions asked and answered.

For more assistance, you can ask questions in our User Forums, where our staff help out alongside other users to help you get the best use from the system.

But if you really need one-on-one support, you’ve three options.  Send us an email, use our realtime online chat, or, for the ultimate in personal service, you’re welcome to call our Customer Support hotline at (425)555-1212.

Note that telephone support is charged at US$1.25/minute, in five minute (ie $6.25) increments.  (Gold and platinum memberships include some free phone support.)

We don’t start charging until after your call has been answered, we confirm it is truly a support call rather than a bug/problem with the site, and we have entered in your payment information.  Only the quality time you spend talking to a support specialist is charged.  Note that we charge per five minutes or part thereof, so a seven minute call would be charged for two five-minute increments.  If there is unused time on a call, you’re welcome to keep talking to us until it is used up, of course!

So as to save you time – and money – we suggest that when you call us you be at your computer, with it already connected to the LifeLinker website so we can walk you through the problem you are having and solve it for you.

Customer Support is generally available from 9am to 5pm, Pacific Time in the US (which is GMT -7 or GMT -8 depending on daylight saving) but there are often people working earlier and almost always, very much later, and over the weekends too.  If you need help, give us a call.  If we answer the phone, great!  If we don’t, please call back at a later time.