Sending Letters to Your Contacts


LifeLinker is all about the careful sharing of important information with the people for whom the information is important.

Some social networking services expose anything and everything you say onto your personal page, for anyone and everyone to see.  LifeLinker is very different – the news and updates you want to share are never public or published anywhere.  Instead, such information is sent via regular emails, and only to the people you wish it to be sent to.

In addition to the farewell notes you may have prepared to go out to your lists subsequent to your passing, you can send updates of any kind and at any time to :

  • All your contacts and Agents; or to
  • Only your Agents; or to
  • One of more of your lists of contacts

To send a letter immediately, go to the ‘Send a one-off letter now’ option


and then from that you can choose who you want to send your letter to, simply by clicking on the applicable options on the left hand side.

Then, of course, give your letter a subject, write it, format it, optionally even attach a file to it, and, last of all, click the green button to send it.


Within a very few seconds, LifeLinker will automatically send your letter to everyone you wish to receive it.  If people wish to reply to it, they simply hit reply in their email program and write back to you directly, the same as they would any other email from you.

For best flexibility, you might want to place your contacts into lists.  That way, you don’t need to bother members of your church with news relating to your sports club, and vice versa, members of your sports club don’t need to get news relating to your church attendance.

Note this feature has usage limits attached to it.  The higher your level of membership, the more letters you can send each year.