Sorting Your Contacts Into Lists


As we often proudly boast, LifeLinker gives you the convenience and flexibility to share only the information you choose, and with only the people you wish to share it with.  Other social networking services seem to work on an ‘all or none’ basis, and often expose your details and updates to strangers as well as intended friends, sometimes with very embarrassing results!

The way LifeLinker helps you to control what information you share and with whom is by allowing you to create different lists of your contacts.  For example, one list might be a list of ‘my local neighbors’, another list might be ‘my co-workers’, another list might be ‘close family members’, then a list for ‘members of my sports club’ or ‘fellow members of my church’ and so on.

The type of information you might choose to share with close family members is probably different to that you’d share with your neighbors.  Possibly you’d share different things with fellow sports fans than you would with members of your church congregation, and so on.

Now for the best part of this.  Each of your contacts can be on as many lists as you choose, or, doesn’t even need to be on any lists at all.  Maybe your sister is also your neighbor and goes to the same church – then she could be on the close family list, the neighbor list, and the church list.  Maybe your co-worker also supports the same sports team.  And maybe there is also your old school friend who doesn’t really fit on any of your lists (but why not create more lists for ‘old school friends from my high school’ and another for ‘fellow alums from my college’ and so on, too!).

But wait – there’s more.  Each of your lists can have as many people on it as you wish, including also only one person.  So if you wish to prepare a totally personal note to be sent upon your passing, for example, to your son, then create a list just for him.

To create a list, simply go to the Manage Lists option


This brings you to a page which shows you any lists you have already created, giving you an option to edit those lists (who you have on the list, and what you have as a prepared letter to send to those people when you eventually pass) or to create a new list.


To create a new list – yes, you can probably guess.  Click on the green ‘Create a new list’ button.

You can probably also guess what to do and how to create the list on the page that appears, and there are plenty of (i) popup helpers if you need specific help with specific features on the page.


To quickly walk you through the list creation process

  • Give the list a name, and, optionally, a short description to remind you of the type of grouping of people this list is for.  Note that only you will see the name and description of this list, so if you want to have a list ‘My deadbeat ex-friends’ or something like that, you can safely do so!
  • Write a farewell/valedictory letter that will be sent to the list members when you eventually pass.  You can format this letter using the word processing type features at the top of the writing window.  You can also add an attachment that will be sent with the letter – maybe a picture, maybe a document, etc.
  • Choose which of your contacts you wish to add to the list.
  • That’s it.  How easy was that!

Creating multiple lists and categorizing your contacts into these lists is one of the most helpful features in managing the flow of your information, sending only the information that people are likely to want to receive, to the people you wish to receive it.

You can also use the Lists feature to send letters to lists at any time prior to your passing.  See the help page on sending letters to your contacts for an explanation of how easy this is, too.

Note this feature has usage limits attached to it.  The higher your level of membership, the more lists you can create.