Obituary Writing Service


If you feel you’d prefer to have a ‘highly trained professional’ write an obituary for you, we are pleased to offer this service.

We charge on an hourly basis, with a one hour minimum charge.  Depending on how much material you already have provided for us and how much work we have to do – ie, how much time we have to spend – depends on the resulting cost to you.  Generally we find we rarely take less than one hour (unless it is simply to edit an existing draft obituary you’ve already written) to help a member with an obituary, and most of the time can get the work done in under two chargeable hours.

The rate is $120/hr.

Generally it is most efficient (and most economical) if you already amass as much information as possible, taking note of the suggested subjects, details, and information we recommend an obituary should cover.  The more you’ve already prepared, the more quickly we can put it all together, polish it into a final form, and get the obituary to you and published.

When we have the background information to build an obituary from, we typically can get a draft of an obituary to you in 24 hours for rush requests (ie for someone recently deceased).  When we get your comments back, revising the draft and presenting you with a perhaps final form takes another 24 hours or quite possibly less time.

Here’s a checklist of information we suggest you have ready prior to contacting us.

  • The person’s full name, date and place of birth, and, if this is after their death, the date, place, and details of their death.
  • Details of where their remains have been interred
  • Information about their parents
  • Information about their siblings
  • Information about their partners/spouses
  • Information about their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.
  • Information about their schooling, courses of study, degrees and other qualifications, any honors or medals or distinctions
  • Their sporting interests, activities, and any distinctions or notable achievements
  • Any military service and any distinctions or notable achievements
  • Their employment history and any distinctions or notable achievements
  • Hobbies and interests and any distinctions or notable achievements
  • Civic activities, volunteering, public service activities, any distinctions or notable achievements
  • A photo or two – a formal photo for the heading of the obituary, any others that might be relevant to their life story
  • Some thoughts about how they should be best remembered – what defined them, what they were proudest of, what other people thought of them
  • Any jokes or amusing stories

Let us know if you’d like us to write an obituary for you.